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EBF : The party [WIP01] by PtolemaiosLS

Nice to see you back in action.
Lots of details, I like that, but dude, you really need to work on your proportions and depth. I mean, we're seeing Matt from a bottom-up perspective, right, so why isn't this applying to Lance? And I can't really tell who's supposed to be in front or back with Natz, Lance, and Anna, plus Natalie looks like a pea compared to Matt even though she's supposed to be like a foot away from him. Try adjusting their body proportions or drawing them further apart for more clarity.
Also, I see you're trying to pull off that "boobs and butt" pose with Natalie there. The "boobs and butt" pose is a pretty common mistake among comic book artists, especially when they're trying to do fanservice and stuff. Most people wouldn't care, but trying to draw a character that way would require them to twist her spine to an impossible extent, making it anatomically impossible. That pose Natalie has there looks especially painful, I would heavily suggest you redraw it, preferably in a more natural position.
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PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will give you the one on Matt, I was dealing with perspective and I just ended up drawing what would look nice instead of what it should look like, I was hoping it wouldn't hurt that much since it's probably the fifth or sixth time I try to do this fanart, once with zoom and at first glance, it don't show such aesthetic problems so I guess is "enough" for a 6 hours work .

actually, Matt is more lean backward than the rest of the party, which would explain how that pose looks like, the rest of the characters do experiment the same perspective but since the 3 of them are farther than matt and are overall in the same portion of field of view, they don't get such "deformation" that perspective gives.

about Natz, is not that unnatural, I mean, I can sit like that (I'm very flexible :p), most girls can actually sit in that position, maybe I exaggerated the boob.
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