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Well, two months have already passed and I never realized it.

Here's a summary of what has happened so far in my boring-as-heck life:

I've never been as open about my life as I am now with this blog/journal/social media junk, but that was mainly because I originally set up this account two years ago to try to solely post art without all the typical teen drama. I was naive at fourteen, and I had an overblown head thinking I was going to make good art back then. Well, now that I've studied fine art for a while and realized dA has the worst art community on the Internet (no joking, the crud that comes out of tumblr and Pixiv looks better than what's considered "great" on here), I've thrown these plans out of the window and into the nine circles. I may actually post some art if I have the time and courage, but that's not happening soon for reasons I will explain later. So teen whining text dump ahoy!

Senior year is turning out to be insanely busy, no joke. On one hand, a lot of pressure was taken off my shoulders. There's less homework, much more free time, and more time to socialize. My parents have stopped being so restrictive in regards to my education and that's been doing wonders for my mental health. On the other hand, all that free time is being taken up writing the GODDAMN college essays. Apparently, my parents were such geniuses to apply for ten colleges at once. Take that number and multiply it by three, and suddenly I'm spending every weekend and holiday writing. It doesn't really help matters that I have standards for writing and don't want to churn out the generic crud that other students submit as essays. And then to make things worse, my parents keep calling my essays crap and saying their writing is better, EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T KNOW A SHRED OF ENGLISH. Seriously, starting an essay with "Being teacher's assistant" and obsessing over how apparently doing AP classes alongside being a teacher's assistant proves that I have a "hard-working ethic"? Pulitzer-prize material! Yeah, I'm not going to let them write any of my essays.

I think it was a really bad mistake to sign up for ten extracurricular clubs as well. This year had a lot more clubs I was interested in than last year, but then that caused a bunch of scheduling conflicts. Every club seems to be intent on meeting at the same time as each other and refusing to budge, so I've had to drop a few. Even then, my school schedule is completely filled up with the number I have left. And then those clubs ask me to do something to show you're committed on your own time, and I CAN'T BECAUSE COLLEGE ESSAYS.

Gradewise, everything is fine. Well, not everything. I've been maintaining the majority of my grades as A's, and I have PE this year (yeah!), so everything should be fine. Gov/Macro is a B, but that's nothing a few tests can't fix, right? And then there's AP Physics.

AP FUCKING PHYSICS. (teenage ranting go!) as well as pointing out that I'm being self-deprecating to try to excuse my behavior

"You studied the work-energy theorem, right? Scrutinized how Hooke's law works and how it factors into kinetic energy problems? Understand everything about potential and kinetic energy Studied your packet and questions and everything you've been handed this unit to gain an understanding of the physics concepts this unit? TOO BAD! Let's throw a bunch of questions you've never prepared for before with completely different formulations!"

The class is literal hell. I turn in all of my assignments complete and get full marks on them. I take notes every class. I took a complete course of physics and read through a physics textbook several times before taking this class. I should be prepared. So why am I getting Fs on the tests!? 

At this point, AP Physics more or less shoves the entire curriculum It doesn't matter whether you understand physics or not, what does matter is whether you know how to use Algorithm A to solve Problem B. It's absurdly stupid and void of educational value.

Naturally, all of this has been stressing me out a lot to the point where I'm oversleeping and fatigued. So yeah. no free time. Well, I did have the time to write this wall of text, but that wasn't much.

Creatively, I've been in a major slump (haha second time I've said that). I've still got a lot of stuff I want to do, but every second of time has been filled up by various affairs. Let's count the stuff I want to try out, stupid things included:

-Make good art the best if possible
--painting, mixed mediums, realistic art, realistic cartoon art, cartoon art with brush linework, coloring, inking, good anatomy (I've gotten the hang of the general picture, but I need more practice for more variations), different perspectives, negative space/vector art, whatever style catches my fancy
-Make a webcomic that people would want to follow+have some art persona or somefink that isn't embarrassing
-Write good stories/a good novel
-Develop a consistent sense of humor
-secretly do fan stuff under a different persona
-Make smooth animations (sakuga style? 2D/3D?)
-Make digital music
-Voice acting (not happening within the century)
-Be cultured (got a start, need to catch up with others)
-Do films with lots of special effects that have meaning (happening never)
-Make indie video games
-Write a comedy musical
-Do a play-by-post forum game
-In general be some innovative creator of entertainment

Ah, pipe dreams~

I've started to write down some stuff though, in a bunch of Google Docs. It's so obvious it hurts to realize it, but I should have started doing this earlier, to fix up my problems with memory. I've also started to keep a diary to keep track of my experiences.

I'm trying to keep track of Internet stuff through RSS feeds now, so I can save some more time by archiving everything and going through it later. I can't follow tumblr, 4chan (though there's always Foolz), and other social networks and fora, though. Sometimes I'm at odds with Internet tracking, because it bombards you with annoying ads (apparently, going to entertainment websites means your demographic consists of gigantic perverts with 9,999 different fetishes) but also records everything you do.  

At this point this journal is getting ridiculously long and I need to sleep, so I'm ending this here. I may add on something else when I feel there's something else I want to write (why can't writing college essays be like this). For now, if anybody has a way to manipulate time, please let me know, because I need more of it. 

School just started up again


I actually have to do work

and focus

and use internet less

aaaaaaaaaaaaw man

So my older sister and her boyfriend are visiting for a week

Haha just kidding. They're pretty fun. I'll write more later.

Can't wait to see this film. It's the movie I've already wanted to see as a kid.

May giant robots haunt Hollywood for the next decade. Unless Michael Bay and shaky cam are involved.

For the first time, in a long time, I finally have loads of free time to myself.

Naturally, I'm wasting it all reading art tutorials, webcomics, novels, Spacebattles, and watching Youtube instead of actually creating stuff. Curse myself.

Hopefully this summer should bring me plenty of opportunities to try new things.

With that in mind, here's a bunch of random stuff I decided to write about.

Went to a TA meeting yesterday at UC Berkeley and filled out the paperwork for my stipend. Hyped at the money I'm going to get.

There was a lot of pizza and soda and I actually managed to remember the other TAs' names. Well, about 70% of them. It turns out I'm actually some sort of veteran (forgot this was my third year being a TA), so I got to explain the basics of the job to the newbies.

I think Reading for Creative Writing is some sort of beginner's writing class (I don't have much of a clue), so I hope I'll be able to help out the students and give them some tips to flesh out their writing.

Been watching Attack on Titan, and it is fantastic. It is basically an anime Walking Dead except instead of zombies, we get giants, and instead of survivors, we get steampunk Spidermen. I found this show particularly evocative of why I resort to watching Japanese cartoons when I feel like there's nothing to do, and I really wish more shows tried to be like it, instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator and shoving half-completed scripts and animation into viewers' faces.

Plus there are the hilarious works the fanbase is coming up with. is down. I'm a bit sad, since that site was one of my favorite art resources. It actually encouraged me to strive for artistic excellence (not that I actually end up applying what I learn) instead of trying to make something that looks good to people and refusing to improve like what the majority of dA people do.

Hopefully the website should be back up soon. In the meantime, I'm going to go to Ctrl+Paint.

As for my own artistic progress, well, I'm still below mediocre. My doodles still look decent, and I'm incorporating a variety in character design, but they're mostly just profiles of people. I'm still trying to get a hang of drawing people in different positions. I also need to find a way to practice color theory and anatomy and seriously start pushing myself.

I can create lineart in Flash using only and mouse and the brush tool now, but the annoying thing is that I can only do it satisfactorily with a thick line width. My work ends up looking as horrendous as Tom Preston's artwork as a result. Perhaps I need to start using colored outlines, I just need to study up on how to do that properly. Once I can manage that, maybe I can move on to Paint Tool Sai.

Been experimenting with an old Intuos3 tablet I've been borrowing from the tech lab for the past few weeks. It's one of those tablets that feel more like a whiteboard than a piece of paper, but I've been getting used to using it. From what I've done with it, it makes sketching stuff from scratch infinitely easier; I can see why tablets save a lot of time. My sessions with the tablet have also got me acquainted a bit with Photoshop, and I can see why it's such a powerful art program. Unfortunately, I've only gotten to use it during lunch.

If I had enough time and resources, I would probably bang out "average-level" artwork perfectly fine, but as of the moment artwork takes too much time for me to do to justify it being done. I know that artwork requires a lot of perseverance, but when it takes you 8 hours to draw a lineart with only a mouse, it's hard not to be discouraged.

Ava's Demon kickstarter is up! Hooray!

 Co-creator of Oculus Rift killed by some prick today.

Sometimes the fact that we're so self-centered makes me so mad at the world. Unfortunately nothing can be done about that any time soon, so it's up to us to redeem ourselves.


And that is it for now.
Like nobody else noticed, I haven't been on very frequently as of late. A pretty major reason is that...yup, it's time for AP exams.

This time of year's pretty weird for me, because classes at this point end and you get to pretty much goof off during those periods since you're already done with the curriculum However, at the same time, you've also got to cram in order to do well on the exams, which you end up missing half of your school day for.

So yeah, hope I do well over the next two weeks. Wish me luck.


I've also gotten a TA position for the summer at UC Berkeley, like I did last year. I'm pretty excited because I'll be working with my old AP Art History teacher, and that course was a blast.

Good thing too, I was sorta worried I'll have nothing to do for the summer., thanks, but I won't be needing you.

I've gotten into the habit of writing fanfic again, now that I've returned to this site (though I feel dA's still terrible and I need to clean up my profile to eliminate some of my horrid former tastes). Currently, I've got two major fics in progress, Periplety and Displacement, as well as a bunch of ideas for fusions with other works, which I think the EBF community needs more of.

The draft for Periplety is going horribly, to be honest. Nothing seems to be coming out the way I want it to, and there's far too much baroque vocabulary in it.

The problem is that I tend to have good ideas, but seven bad ideas along with it. I usually end up forgetting that good idea, and if I write it down on a notepad, I end up losing the notepad. This is probably due to me having an incredibly bad memory; I forget people's names when I've met them twenty or more times.

So as a result, I usually end up composing some prose or dialogue that sounds good in my head, but after a few hours, when I actually sit down to type it out, I end up writing some terrible distortion of my original idea instead.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to churn out something decent to human eyes, though, given the time. Perhaps after exams.

Seems like a sweet time for crowdfunding, it's doesn't look like a fad that'll die any time soon.

I really wish I had some spare dough, because I'll probably throw it out to the Cucumber Quest and Cloud Factory Kickstarters. The former's a pretty great webcomic for all ages, and the latter has a lot of potential. Sadly, I'm dead broke, and even if I had money, I'll slam it down for art supplies and a tablet in a hurry.

There's also the Shadows of the Eternal crowdfunding campaign, which looks cool. It's neat that the developers are trying to make a follow-up to Eternal Darkness, though I have doubts since they're hosting the funding on their own website.

And that's all I have to say for now. "Til next time.
Note: this is somewhat of a satire. If you find this offensive, I apologize.


Learn to make art like this.

Go and study the different aspects of art that make up each composition.

-Color theory
--Hue, value, contrast, and saturation
-Light and shadow

Et cetera!

Keep towards a realistic style, it'll help you learn how to draw a wider variety of things.

Push your boundaries. Try different tools and styles, like charcoal and oil painting.


Learn to make art like this.

Screw what the art teachers say, they just want to bog you down by drawing old men! This is where it's at!

-Use off-model screenshots from your favorite anime as reference for what to draw
-Rely overly on digital tools to cover up your mistakes
-Stylize without a clue about what you're doing (As long as it looks cool, nothing matters!)
-Boobs get you more page views
-Draw the same thing over and over again so you'll get good at drawing only that thing
-Cel shading is better than actual shading
-Google Images totes okay for background
-Copy and paste is your friend

Spam animu and mango and pander to your watchers as much as you can.

Don't listen to criticism, praise only matters. It's important because it's food for your ego.

Conglaturations, you can imitate a commercial product aimed primarily at making money and made in an animation sweatshop. Slow clap for yourself.
A definite sign of it is :icontompreston: coming back.
Today I found EBF Rule 34 in my inbox.


JUST KILL ME NOW's started for me again.

The first days of being a junior were quite uneventful, even though the first few days are littered with quizzes and such.

A lot of pressure and unnecessary nagging on me as usual too (obligatory complaining fulfilled).

Trying to get back into my old routine.

Why am I typing in short sentences like this.

Also trying to rewrite Trinity Heroes (nobody knows what this is) in my head. The title's become quite archaic now (probably needs to be changed to something more appropriate now), some plot elements need some work, and the cast needs to be reworked.

My avatar looks stupid, especially compared to the style I use now when doodling.

My gallery could use some cleaning out as well.

Contemplating some future projects in my head.

Also, :iconTBEF: needs a writer on the team. Sign up here:…
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Let's see how a Tom Preston fan handles an argument.


Okay, well, he thinks that outright insults apparently count as legitimate criticisms. But surely he can actually read responses, righ-

Huh, so he blocks people when he's faced with people who can actually lay out points to him.

Oh lookee, he offers the person who he blocked a chance to respond.

And...blames him for "failing to present a point," i.e. he couldn't understand it himself but wouldn't admit it. And he thinks it's invalid because there are no spaces between paragraphs.

And he blocks him again.

Let's see if he can take this one last chance. Perhaps he can read this essay that addresses his concerns. Maybe he'll actually consider its points, maybe he'll-

...well, guess that's too bad.


I think I made a personal resolution never to get a Facebook a long time ago. Well, now I'm breaking it. But for this summer only.

My profile's named "Thaddeus Mage" (hell if I use my real name on there), you can access it here:…

Yeah, I guess that's it. See ya.
...and I'm stuck with homework. Ah, well, there's still plenty of time to finish what I have left.
Well, school's been out for a week now, and tomorrow, I start my 4th year at ATDP. Taking AP Psych as a summer course, sounds really interesting.

Also, I'm going to be TAing for a precalculus teacher, and this year, I get paid for it. Woot. My first job.

Looking forward to it tomorrow.
:iconptolemaiosls: sez that it might take a year before TEBF is actually released, on account of him wanting to improve his illustration skills.

It sounds like plenty of time to set up a website. I've been toying with WordPress to try to make a website for TEBF; unfortunately, that means I also need to learn the various steps of setting up and creating one in the first place.
MySQL wut?
Hopefully, I'll be able to create a skeleton or something by the end of the summer.
And that's it. 'Til next time, nobody.
So today, I went about my usual business in school. My mom picks me up and she mentions something about an older brother coming to visit. I assume that brother to be related to her and promptly forget about it.

Once we get home, I decide to go take a shower. however, the door to it is locked and my mom comes up to me and says that somebody's using it, then leaves. I assume that it's just Dad, and knock on the door, telling him to come out.

What greets me back is a voice that sounds like a teenage boy's voice.

Slightly confused, I question him who he is.

"It's me," he replies, "It's William."

The name "William" strikes me hard. I haven't heard it in a decade.

Immediately I start thinking about an incident that happened when I was five. My mom and a young man were fighting, and then all I remember is the man being pushed out of the front door, then walking away from the house, downcast, never looking back. I remember that he was wearing a gray hoodie, glasses, jeans, and black sneakers.

Random words start popping into my head. I couldn't believe what was happening. I start recalling some conversations I've overheard from my dad about tickets to Mexico or something.

I've suspected that my older brother was out there somewhere, but I've never expected him to end up back here.

I've always remembered my older brother's voice to be something like a slightly husky drone, yet the voice I hear could have come from any teenage boy from my school.

We chat for a bit, separated by the bathroom door. He tells me he's in 3 AP classes, though I wonder why he's still taking them even after he's graduated from college.

I then retire to my bath. Part of me still thinks this is unreal.

While I wash myself, I hear my mom giving William a tour around the house. It strikes me as unusual; I've always remembered them to have a particularly troubled relationship, and here my mom is treating him with courtesy.

And now I'm typing this in, still trying to comprehend the situation I'm in here.

Life sure chooses the ideal times to throw the past back at you when you least expect it. I suppose I'll be less skeptical about the whole idea of "long lost siblings" from this historic date.
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After slaving through two weeks of stress and all-nighters, I am finished with the finals for my AP classes!


Now there's the next two weeks in which I'll have to take the National AP Exams.


At least I managed to get a 105% in my AP Calculus AB class.


Progress for Chapter 1 of the :icontebf: fan comic has been awfully stagnant for the past few weeks, due to business :iconptolemaiosls: and I have on our ends. We'll try to pick up the pace on development in the next few weeks once exam season is over.

You'll be seeing the results of our efforts by the end of the year, I'm assuring you of that.
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  • Watching: Space Brothers, Kids on the Slope, Eureka Seven AO
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Made this video because I was bored (again).
Basically the final boss battle of Adventure Story set to "Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird" from Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Kinda fitting. Enjoy.
Hope 2012 is going to be much better than 2011!
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