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The first days of being a junior were quite uneventful, even though the first few days are littered with quizzes and such.

A lot of pressure and unnecessary nagging on me as usual too (obligatory complaining fulfilled).

Trying to get back into my old routine.

Why am I typing in short sentences like this.

Also trying to rewrite Trinity Heroes (nobody knows what this is) in my head. The title's become quite archaic now (probably needs to be changed to something more appropriate now), some plot elements need some work, and the cast needs to be reworked.

My avatar looks stupid, especially compared to the style I use now when doodling.

My gallery could use some cleaning out as well.

Contemplating some future projects in my head.

Also, :iconTBEF: needs a writer on the team. Sign up here:…
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Ragnaul Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
School starts the 4th for me. I'm excited. And nagging... I share your sympathy. I'll be staying on the ball this year, so hopefully I can avoid it.

You're typing short sentences because it mimics your train of thought as it runs in your head: short bits of information in an indifferent, slightly lazy tone.

But I do hope for more on Trinity heroes... I haven't heard anything of it since January or so...

And if you don't like an avatar, you can make a new one in your free time... it would be nice to see something new...
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August 30, 2012