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So today, I went about my usual business in school. My mom picks me up and she mentions something about an older brother coming to visit. I assume that brother to be related to her and promptly forget about it.

Once we get home, I decide to go take a shower. however, the door to it is locked and my mom comes up to me and says that somebody's using it, then leaves. I assume that it's just Dad, and knock on the door, telling him to come out.

What greets me back is a voice that sounds like a teenage boy's voice.

Slightly confused, I question him who he is.

"It's me," he replies, "It's William."

The name "William" strikes me hard. I haven't heard it in a decade.

Immediately I start thinking about an incident that happened when I was five. My mom and a young man were fighting, and then all I remember is the man being pushed out of the front door, then walking away from the house, downcast, never looking back. I remember that he was wearing a gray hoodie, glasses, jeans, and black sneakers.

Random words start popping into my head. I couldn't believe what was happening. I start recalling some conversations I've overheard from my dad about tickets to Mexico or something.

I've suspected that my older brother was out there somewhere, but I've never expected him to end up back here.

I've always remembered my older brother's voice to be something like a slightly husky drone, yet the voice I hear could have come from any teenage boy from my school.

We chat for a bit, separated by the bathroom door. He tells me he's in 3 AP classes, though I wonder why he's still taking them even after he's graduated from college.

I then retire to my bath. Part of me still thinks this is unreal.

While I wash myself, I hear my mom giving William a tour around the house. It strikes me as unusual; I've always remembered them to have a particularly troubled relationship, and here my mom is treating him with courtesy.

And now I'm typing this in, still trying to comprehend the situation I'm in here.

Life sure chooses the ideal times to throw the past back at you when you least expect it. I suppose I'll be less skeptical about the whole idea of "long lost siblings" from this historic date.
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WhoAteTheWaffles Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student Interface Designer
... o_o are you serious?

That's kinda weird, but at the same time REALLY cool.
AlphaBirb Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Holy lasagna! a long lost brother?
PtolemaiosLS Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

it sound like something that came out of a movie, this day was also kind of funny for me, but not at this level o_o
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