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This cover is quick to leave an impression on the viewer, as it captures the fear of the female lead as she plunges towards an inferno, with a shadowy villain standing above.
While the concept of an image of a character falling down to their doom isn't all that original, this cover takes a bit of a spin on it by having a more dynamic angle and portraying both the doom and the cause of the fall.
Coloring is well-done, with the bright colors of the flames slowly giving way to the darkness flowing in from the night sky, and much attention is paid towards the balance of light and shadow. Small details like fog and the moonlight reflecting off the title help add to the piece.
The perspective from the bottom of the well, however, seems to be a bit messed up, and this combined with the feathers' rather opaque placement ruin the illusion of depth in an otherwise visually appealing cover.
Still, this cover definitely grabs interest and it differentiates itself from other conventional comic covers. Overall, it's a well done piece whose strength lies in its coloring, but it could use some technical adjustment.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
11 out of 11 deviants thought this was fair.


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